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Quality System:

       In order to ensure the quality of products to meet the target, Puya formlated strictly quality management standard  for each step during the period of products manufacturing to control the quality of products and formed a completely quality management system.  


Quality Target:

      1)The main performance indicators of products need fully meet the requirements of customers;

      2)The products delivered to customers need without any failure to avoid customer complaint;

      3)Complete customer's orders on schedule;

      4)Customer satisfaction is greater than or equal to 4.0, and do effort on continuous improving.  

Quality Policy:

       Continuously improving quality management to ensure the innovative design and excellent quality of produtcs, provide customers satisfactory products and services and exceed the expectation of customers.

Quality Management System Certificate :

        The design and sales service of Puya hign reliability non-volatile memory and high perfomance magnetic sensor integrate circuit had achieved the certifcate of ISO9001 qulity management system.

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