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New Employee Training :

      Just after the new employees join Puya, a series of trainings are necessary to help them know the company quickly. The general manager  of the company will introduce the past , the present and the development plan in the future of the company , the HR manager will introduce the culture and various rules and regulations of the company and the product Managers will introduce the main products of the company.  So as to speed up the new employee to adapt to the environment, quickly enter the work situation, and to create a harmonious team with combat effectiveness.

Department Rotation:

      The company will provide departmental rotation opportunities for those who can not only do their own work very well but have strong will to do other kinds of work to expand the scope of their careers .

Professional Skill Training:

      Puya has a large number of experienced R&D engineer and professional managers, they can offer professional skill training for younger employees to enhance the professional skill of them.

Management Culture Training:

     After eight years of arduous entrepreneurial development, the company has formed its own management culture, that is, every employee needs to have a sense of ownership and mission, keep passion for work, maintain a positive attitude towards work, set goals for themselves and strive to achieve self-worth promotion. 

Project Participation:

     When employees have a certain professional quality and vocational skills, the company will arrange them to participate the actual project according to their actual ability, so as to help them enrich their work experience, enhance their professional skills, and thus enhance their career competitiveness. 


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