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Puya in 2018 Songshan Lake. IC Forum
Release time: 2018-7-5 16:32:03

  At the 2018 Songshan Lake .China innovative IC Forum, Wangnan, the president of Puya Semiconductor, introduced Puya’s new QSPI Flash memory --- P25Q32U, which have low power consumption and full voltage range for IoT application.

  Wangnan said Puya focus on niche memories. Till now Puya has three kinds of memory products, low power SPI Flash, IIC EEPROM and high security financial IC. Wangnan thought, with the development of IoT, the requirement for intelligent hardware, intelligent household appliance and mobile phone 3D-CCM will grow substantially. While the inner used Flash must have higher performance and higher reliability such as lower power, more wide voltage range, more flexible operation, higher performance and lower cost to fit this development.

      Puya launched ultra-low power & full range voltage Flash --- P25Q32U is just designed to meet the above requirement, which is adopts adopting 55nm Charge Trapping technology. The density of P25Q32U is 32Mb and the die size is just 3.1mm2.




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