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       The Internet of things (IOT) refers to a huge network combined with the Internet through a variety of information sensing devices to collect any information that needs to be monitored, connected, interactive objects or processes in real time. The purpose is to realize the connection between things and objects, objects and people, all goods and networks, and facilitate identification, management and control. Puya develop IoT FlashTM Family special for IoT application, with low power consumption and wide voltage range.


*    Puya low power IoT FlashTM  is designed special for IoT application.

*    With deep power down 100nA @ 1.8V, 500nA @ 3.3V (4Mb) and  Program/Erase 2mA.

*    Support Page Erase and  Support Dual page (8/16M) or Quad page (32M/64M) Program / Erase. 

*    Supply VCC range from 1.65V to 3.6V.

Product Portfolio

*     SPI NOR Flash

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